Just an update

So I’ve been remarkably slow to post lately. Here’s what’s going on in a nutshell. I was working on a multi-post series on folkloric belief in fairies in Georgian/Regency/Victorian Britain, and didn’t want to post any until everything was done. I was working on one or two other pieces, too.

And then my computer took a powder. A very spectacular one. Less than 60 days into having purchased it brand new, the hard drive completely died. Since the computer was only 2 months old, it hadn’t actually occurred to me to back up my drafts anywhere else (I will not be making that mistake again). Anyway, long story short, all that information was lost and it may take some time for me to reconstruct it, although I certainly plan to.

Short story made slightly longer again, it took almost a month to get my computer back and, when it came back, it had the wrong operating system installed on it (thanks, Lenovo). More computer fuss and hassle ensued. Also work things. And, for the record “also work things” is as close as I will ever come to complaining about real life on this blog. (Although “also health things” may occasionally be my way of apologizing for long delays between posts, it will never be a complaint and I will never elaborate.)

At any rate, although my time here in the 21st century remains stressful and time-consuming for reasons we won’t get into, I do plan on posting more routinely now that everything is finally under some semblance of control. Fingers crossed, gods willing, knock on wood etc etc etc. (Fun fact, the custom of knocking on wood actually comes from old British and European folk beliefs; it was a way of invoking the spirit of the tree being touched/tapped for luck or protection.)

On the docket at the moment are a number of posts on how fairies are freaking terrifying and not at all cute or things you want living at the bottom of your garden, one or more posts on mental health and psychiatric care in the past, and more fun info on the Victorian era. I recently watched a couple of Ruth Goodman documentaries and am feeling inspired in that direction just now (medicine, farming, everyday life, etc).

Any requests for topics from any of the… three people who seem to have read this blog since i started it? Feel free to leave them here. If not, I’ll just close with some cute public domain animals so we can all enjoy a slight boost in our oxytocin levels.

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